Saturday, September 25, 2010

Banana Bread

I make banana bread whenever I have overripe bananas. I don't usually plan it. But on occasion I actually buy extra bananas and intentionally let them get too ripe to eat. I have a bunch of recipes for banana bread, but this time around I used the Kitchen-Aid recipe. The only change I made was adding cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla.
The loaf pictured was one that I didn't get to eat since I gave it to some friends who were in from out of town. I did try some of its sister loaf, which was delicious.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mini Key Lime Pies

These tiny Key Lime Pies were dessert for a Labor Day barbecue. My original intention was to make one regular-size pie, but when I was in the baking aisle looking for graham crackers for the crust I found these mini pie shells. I stretched the filling to make 10 servings so we would each have one. I topped the filling with some fresh whipped cream (not made by hand) and a little key lime zest. So cute!

Labor Day morning, I called Whole Foods to see if they carried key limes and the guy on the other end said they did, and that they had them both in a bag and loose. I got to the store and, of course, couldn't find the key limes. I bought some loose limes and went to customer service afterward to tell them that they had given me bad information. The guy apologized and said the produce manager told him there were key limes. I left, and as I was leaving the customer service guy ran out holding a bag of key limes. I went back in and returned the regular limes for the bag. As I was completing the transaction, I saw the produce manager. I'm pretty sure he came out from the produce department just to scowl at me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Up a Tree

This squirrel cracked me up the other day since he was running all around with an apple in his mouth. He ran up the tree in my front yard and then part of the way down. He was posed long enough for me to find my camera, turn it on and snap a few shots. Eventually, he ran down and onto the street and sidewalks. Lucky for me, he didn't try to get into my house.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whipped Cream

The other day on Chopped, two of the contestants whipped cream by hand. I never do that. If I'm at home (which I never seem to be when I'm whipping cream), I use my Kitchen-Aid mixer and the whisk attachment. When I'm elsewhere, I use a hand mixer.

Tonight, I was in the mood for something sweet so I took a cupcake out of the freezer and thought I'd top it with some whipped cream. I had heavy cream left over from the Key Lime Pies I made for Labor Day so I decided to try my hand at whipping.

It took less than five minutes and wasn't as hard as I thought, but I'd definitely use an electrical appliance if I could.