Sunday, April 27, 2008

The H Truck

About 10 years ago, I lived in downtown Cleveland (4th and Prospect above Flannery's). At the time, I had a 1990 Chevy Cavalier, and I just about never drove it since I walked to work. I sold the car, which worked out well until I moved to Tremont (near the old Grumpy's) and soon after got a new job in the suburbs. My grandfather offered to let me borrow his truck (which he previously bought from my dad) until I got a new car. I didn't hate the truck, but I didn't waste any time buying my New Beetle either.

We called it the Hillbilly truck, which got shortened to "The H Truck."

Over the years the truck got rustier and started having problems. My grandfather can fix a lot of things, but The H Truck proved to be too much for him to keep up. In the last few years all of his patches and by-passes started failing. I told him he should follow-up on his threat to "put a match to it." He didn't, but he did donate it to charity recently. At my request, he took a few pictures before they hauled it away.

Goodbye (and good riddance) H Truck! We'll miss you (sorta)!


jenni said...

Wow, no more H Truck, I can't believe it.

That's sort of sad.

Pops took those pictures?!?! They're pretty good.

Anonymous said...

You sold the Citation???? When?

Deitri said...

What Citation are you talking about Anonymous? If you're talking about "Carcarcar" I think my mom sold it a long time ago. Much like The H Truck, Carcarcar wasn't mine -- I just borrowed it.