Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Desserts

For Easter dinner at my grandparents' house I made an Apricot-Coconut Cake with a whipped cream and sour cream frosting. Some people don't like coconut (2 people, it turns out) so I only put coconut on half of the cake.

When I took the first few pictures, I thought the toasted coconut looked like hair so I made a face out of jellybeans.

Here are some pictures of the sliced cake. The filling between the layers is apricot preserves.

With coconut

Without coconut

The day before Easter, I helped one of my friends make a Coconut Cake with cream chese frosting and topped with untoasted coconut.

My grandmother made some Mexican bread pudding or Capirotada. Her version is made with raisins and pecans.

All the desserts were delicious!

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