Sunday, October 17, 2010

2010 Fall Television Schedule

I set my Seasons Passes for the fall and I have surprisingly few conflicts, which makes for a stuffed TiVo. It also gives me less shows I have to watch live, On Demand or online. I think most of the NBC shows are available On Demand, which is convenient for Monday and Thursday nights. And of course, the shows on cable repeat frequently so my TiVo catches them whenever.

A fall online schedule can be found here.

8:00 PM
TiVo: How I Met Your Mother
Live: Chuck
Online/On-Demand/Cable: Adventure Time
Online/On-Demand/Cable: Little People, Big World

9:30 PM
TiVo: Mike & Molly

10:00 PM
TiVo: Hawaii Five-O

8:00 PM
TiVo: No Ordinary Family

9:00 PM
TiVo: Life Unexpected

10:00 PM
TiVo: Chopped

8:00 PM
TiVo: Undercovers

9:00 PM
TiVo: Modern Family
Online/On-Demand/Cable: Man v. Food

9:30 PM
TiVo: Cougar Town

10:00 PM
TiVo: South Park
Online/On-Demand/Cable: Top Chef: Just Desserts

8:00 PM
TiVo: Bones
Online/On-Demand/Cable: Community

8:30 PM
Online/On-Demand/Cable: 30 Rock

9:00 PM
TiVo: The Office

7:00 PM
TiVo: Batman: The Brave and The Bold

8:00 PM
TiVo: Smallville

10:00 PM
TiVo: Blue Bloods
Online/On-Demand/Cable: The Soup
Online/On-Demand/Cable: The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (IFC)

9:00 PM
TiVo: Masterpiece Contemporary or Masterpiece Theatre

9:00 PM
TiVo: Masterpiece Mystery!
Online/On-Demand/Cable: The Next Iron Chef

10:00 PM
Online/On-Demand/Cable: Iron Chef America

The only shows not listed are Running Wilde, Raising Hope, and Wildcats, which I watched once or twice each but didn't commit to. And does anyone know what happened to Human Target? I loved that show!


Fireflyhex said...

Every show is online if you know where to look.

Dark Phoenix said...

Human Target just came back last week. Check your local listings. In my area it's Wednesday nights.

Anonymous said...

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