Sunday, July 15, 2012

Almond Poppy Seed Bread

This is a test post to see if my webcam can capture good pictures of baked goods.

You can see the poppy seeds in there, right? The remainder of the batter was used to make a dozen muffins.

I couldn't find a recipe that I liked in my cookbooks or online so I added poppy seeds and almond extract to a plain/basic muffin recipe.  I'd post it, but I think there are better recipes to be had. What I thought was interesting and odd was that so many recipes called for sour cream.  Maybe next time I'll try this one.

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Niki Del Giudice said...

It isn't the best picture. I'm sure it tasted better than it looks here. To make it look more appetizing your could try taking a picture of it sliced up on a pretty plate or dish. Also, I would suggest you try one of the recipes that called for sour cream. It really does make the bread taste amazing. It also keeps the bread moist. Good Luck making the perfect recipe!