Monday, June 30, 2008

Mini Rose Cakes

I was commissioned (umm, sort of) to make some mini rose cakes for a rose-themed baby shower. The mom-to-be wanted a lemony cake. Since lemon chiffon is her favorite I thought I'd try those first. They failed miserably. Well, they tasted fantastic, but they looked... well see for yourself.

Not exactly rose-shaped are they?

Second attempt was a lemon madeleine batter made in the cupcake tin and baked 18-22 minutes instead of 7-8 minutes. Madeleines are technically cookies, but I saw an episode of Iron Chef America where Bobby Flay's sous chef made small cakes with a madeleine batter so I thought I'd try it. And guess what? They turned out terrific!

And rose shaped!

I made 60 for the party that we gave away as favors. They were a hit.

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