Tuesday, July 01, 2008

International Festival Update

For the curious, here's what my lunch/dinner companion and I ate at The International Festival this past weekend. Yeah it's a lot of food, but some of it was takeaway.
  • Pastellios (Puerto Rican)
  • Egg rolls (Vietnamese)
  • Reuben balls (German)
  • Pastellio (a different Puerto Rican booth)
  • Stuffed cabbage (Slovak/Slovenian)
  • Tamale, tostada, bean and rice (Mexican)
  • Spanakopita, tiropita and baklava (Greek)
  • Snoogle and lady lox (their spelling) (Polish)
  • Piraguas (Puerto Rican)

The Hungarian booth ran out of chicken paprikash or I might have had some. I was thisclose to buying some dolemades. I thought about, but ultimately didn't get collard greens, chicken-on-a-stick, stromboli and jambalaya.

We saw one princess while we were walking around. We didn't see the Queen. But guess what? She's my cousin! Congratulations Natalie!

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